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September 7th, 2006

01:21 pm - Starting this week
Inspired by useless_info_mine!

I weigh 14 stone 4 lbs this week, and am starting WW (AGAIN) but having to do the online plan owing to Flemmers who isn't amenable to class attendance just yet.

Flemmers weighs 9lb 14oz which is stonking, and is 54cms long... all slightly over average, but then what else did we expect :)

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September 6th, 2006

10:31 pm - It's quiet... Too Quiet.
Well, I just thought I'd let people know that I'm doing fairly well.
I weighed in at 22st 10lbs (yes, that doesn't include armour... :P) a day or so before heading up to glittermouse's place for malkavs_child's birthday party.
When I came back home 12 days later (admittedly, not all of it had been spent at the party - Ruth and I went up to Locko on Sunday to do Gathering setup), I weighed in at 22st 1lbs.

Nine pounds in two weeks is not bad.

However, having been sat at my desk for a week, I currently hit 22st 4lbs.
Meh. 6lbs loss for three weeks.

So how's everyone else doing?
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August 17th, 2006

02:06 pm - Healthy Lunch, ish, and Media Bollocks
Today I have mostly been eating mango chunks (fresh ones) a red apple and a banana. Huzzah for heathy snackins. 

There is a cherry muffin on my desk and it's LOOKING at me. 

I am ignoring it and hoping someone else will pick it up and wander off with it. 

On a weight/size/shape frothing note, I have got into a pair of size 16 jeans again for the first time in *meh* months, which is good - they are a little snug, but not uncomfortably so. I wouldnt wear them with a fitted top though, as then it would be me who looks like a cherry muffin (the dreaded muffin top.) 

Musings on the Media:

I saw two magazines in Asgard this weekend, next to each other. One of them showed Julia Sawalha, Liv Tyler, Charlotte Church, Denise Van (get'em) Outen et al, all looking cheerfully healthy (read - normal, curvy women, with boobs and bums) and running around in swimming cossies. Apparently these women are (quote unquote) Lardy, and have jelly bellies. (God help me, thinks I, ho ho.)   

Next magazine shows Nicole Richie, Posh Spice etc etc, all looking very slim and in some cases not actually very well. To be honest, though, some of them did look good, in a model-slim way. The magazine seems divided on whether these women look amazing, or whether they all have 'eating disorders' (a very easy label to stick on a thin girl, to be fair.) 

What. The. Fuck.

Make your bloody minds up. Are we to be vilified for eating properly, and allowing ourselves treats, as Denise Van O says in this month's Cosmo? Or are we to be vilified for being skinny and looking like we need a Mars Bar or 6? Or perhaps we are to be vilified for not exercising, and being comfortable with our shapes, as I know some women (who are clinically classed as overweight or obese) How are normal women these days meant to deal with their own body image and issues when we are force fed this crap? I know it's easy to say 'dont read the magazines' but I like to keep up with hair and make up news (not to mention shoes) and the headlines on the mag covers are generally just as bad if not worse. 

Dont even get me started on the horrors of language such as 'muffin top', 'cankles', 'spaniel ears' and 'bingo wings' - these phrases and others are sure to put the bejayzus up most normal looking women. One minute you're comfortable with your size and shape, the next minute the media have focussed on another body part to slag off all over the place. Fat dissolving injections in your knees, for christ's sake. People getting designer vaginas because the goddess-given one you had to begin with "doesnt look symmetrical enough!" What next? Botox for the Brain "because thinking ages you sooooo much!" Lung implants for those who cannot be arsed to breathe properly?

The media deserves a huge cohort of mad Amazonian sword/spear/loud voice/ship wielding Larp goddesses to go and kick their collective arse.  (I am working out how anyone could actually wield a ship, but I'm sure we could try.)

Discuss, while I go and hide this cherry muffin in the stationery cupboard. 

And check out www.judgmentofparis.com while you're at it. I am thinking of making the webmaster the patron saint of this community. :D

I realise this can also apply to men, to whom the media are just as shite - if you're not a New Man you're a Metrosexual, and if you're not one of those you're a ReAnderthal (macho is back, apparently) so I totally appreciate men being pissy at the media as well - but this is from a woman's point of view so I have only commented about binties. 

Any comments welcome, though. 

(crossposted to glittermouse because I'm so annoyed)


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August 16th, 2006

08:09 am
Today is my weigh day. I have lost 2.5lbs this weeks. I finally seem to have stopped buggering about and actually got down to losing some weight!
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August 11th, 2006


...is this thing on? :D

This is the community for Larpers (live role players) who are looking for support with their fitness plans or weight loss plans. Even if they just need a good old fashioned rant, you'll find people to help, support or just rant back at you, right here. We're all friendly. Except me. I'm a stroppy kobold. Honest.
So bring your favourite weapons, dig out your costume, load up with the recommended 2 litres of water, and don't forget those Magical Slimming OSPs. :D Did anyone see that treasure chest full of healthy snacks when we passed that creepy old ritual circle back there? 

Feel free to tell me a little bit about yourselves in the comments below. 

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