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July 15th, 2009

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03:49 pm - Make a difference in 8 weeks
Hi all... or maybe no one depending if anyone has this on a list anymore.

I still weigh what I did three years ago...fuck it.
I weighed a stone less for about 6 months but then I took my eye of the scales and here I am again.

So I'm going on holiday at the end of September and I'll be turning 35, I really want to look different by then. Not unachievable I think...

I'm going to count calories 1400 a day.
I'm going to stop snacking because I'm bored.
I'm going to get on the wii fit three times a week.
I'm going to stop drinking mid week.
I'm going to stop biting my nails
I'm getting tattoed again

None of this is to recapture my youth, but I honestly feel like I've been asleep for the last two years. I need an actual kick up my hoo haa.

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Date:July 16th, 2009 01:17 pm (UTC)
Hello there!

I went back to Slimming World. It's coming off very, very slowly. I've lost 1 stone 4lbs since the end of January.

I'm keeping at it though a) because it works and b) because I have to! I have 'exercise on prescription' starting in August.

Now that I know there's someone else here - although I don't think I know you personally - I'll post up how I'm doing.

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