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April 3rd, 2007

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05:02 pm - Summer Lovin...
I've found a really good diet so far - It's called e-diets and it gives you menus for breakfast, lunch and supper throughout the week, it really helps and so long as you are happy making lots of meals yourself. 

I love it because I rarely feel hungry on it... It splits the calories up through the day so you have the same for breakfast, lunch and dinner, meaning I have a comparatively huge breakfast and feel great and that carries me through.

I also swim once a week and go bellydancing (well it has to be good for something!) and walk at least 2 miles a day.

I also give in to sweets, pudding and temptation from time to time.

I have gone from 13st 7 lbs to 12st 5lbs in a month and a half(ish)

It's working for me so far so I am happy...

Not sure I'll get to my goal weight but here's hoping

(Give us a shiny, savvy?)

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