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September 13th, 2006

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01:22 pm - good news and bad news
'Ey up, as we say in the North, first week of dieting and we have a result. I've lost 3 pounds yeeeeeee haaaaaaaa, and you know what? It wasn't difficult. I have changed my plan though, I'm using weightlossresources.co.uk which is cheaper than WW and for me is a better fit because it's calorie based and I like the message boards more too :)

Ok, so the bad news, I went to the dentist today, double whammy hygienist appt and the dreaded dentist too. The receptionist says "obviously you don't pay for your treatment, when is your baby due?" cue much mortification from me and a sputtered " no, she's a month old"

Ack, I still look pregnant then?! Bollocks, I'd thought I was looking kinda foxy in a still a bit heavy way. I came home and told the Markins, "she thought I was pregnant!", he smiled ruefully and patted my hand.... the unspoken, "yes dear that's because you do".

Oh well 3lbs is a really good start, how's everyone else doing?

(Ooo, 3 shinies... | Give us a shiny, savvy?)


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Date:September 13th, 2006 03:57 pm (UTC)
I will tell you if you still look preggers when I see you hun. :) I find it unlikely that you look due any time soon if you see what I mean... perhaps you may have a three-months-gone-type glow about you due to the Emlette's sheer loveliness. :)

Markins could be using the hand patting defence to mean 'what a silly mare, dont worry dear you have more important things to worry about than her stupid and pointless opinion.'


I would be doing a lot better if I wasn't downing three cups of coffee with two sugars each every morning to wake me up at work, or scarfing Snickers bars and the like to keep me awake in the afternoons. :( I am a lame dieting kobold. My main problem is I eat when I am miserable, which means I have rather healthy weekends apart from the odd glass of booze when the musoholic comes to visit (plus I get more exercise *snerk* hee hee - and anyway the booze is only cider generally) but my weekdays are full of unhealthy junk at work, too much coffee in the mornings, and generally pasta and toast at night (I am aware this is a weird combination....)

I want to be one of those uber-organised businesswomen who bring in a chilled and fresh salad that STAYS chilled and fresh until lunch time... then drive home, have a healthy dinner and play with my lovely children until they go to bed, argh at the moment I am a totally disorganised kobold woman who misses breakfast, has the same sandwich and packet of crisps for lunch, generally at my desk, then goes home with the same cracking headache I've had since 3 pm (sleeping on the bus, of course, so I miss my stop and wake up at the train station...) trolls home, then makes a mound of pasta to devour in front of some Johnny-Depp-based DVD goodness, gets bored and cannot finish said pasta, and ends up exhausted and going to bed at eleven but not sleeping til about one.


In other news, YAY for the Scroffins for losing 3 pounds, fuck the stupid receptionist (so many of them tend to be nitwits) and I bet you look fabulous.
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Date:September 13th, 2006 05:44 pm (UTC)
I'm sure you look great. :)

I am now down at 21st 10lbs.
That's five pounds lighter than last week, but I have spent the past two days being miserable and migrainy and not eating. I weighed myself on Monday morning at 21st 12lbs, so that's probably a more sensible value to go with, once again, down by three.
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Date:September 13th, 2006 06:36 pm (UTC)
And I went up again... I seem to be aroung the 13 st 4 bracket - bah humbug...

Largely due to having worked 10 days straight with no break til the end of Saturday and eating when feel tired and shit...

Doesn't help that I'm eating to deal with irritating people and a chunk of my job turns out to be dealing with them too...

Will wait til Saturday when I see Gary again and have a rest and then get back to being careful... Now I'm going to be even badder and drink alcohol - boo hiss as my tooth still hurts.

Moans from me aside well done Jen and CJ! Stuff what other people say it's much easier to lose weight when you feel good about yourself and you are both fabulous and deserve to feel extremely good - so there receptionist lady!

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